Online and Offline Classes

Online classes for students of all ages around the world with flexible timing


A Unique daily program based on real Kalaripayattu techniques to rejuvenate your body and balance your mind. 
Regular Classes available at the Kalari and offline centres.

– Increases confidence and moulds discipline
– Improves health and endurance level
– Enhances flexibility and refines reflex skills
– Boosts concentration level and focus
– Connects with our traditional and cultural values


Unique Kalari based Health & Fitness program(All Age Group)
A Program to raise up your physical and mental health irrespective of your AGE and GENDER by boosting up your confidence level.
Delivered online with live class around the world and offline centres.


– Enhances vital capacity and stamina
– Aids in tackling lifestyle diseases
– Helps in maintaining body-mind synchronization
– Improves flexibility and body balance
– Builds up immunity and strength


Prana is Agasthyam’s exclusive offering for the senior citizens and those with health conditions that prevent rigorous physical activities.
It is a breathing based energising and rejuvenating routine that can be comfortably practised from home. Expert Aashans will guide and supervise the participants through live online sessions with individual attention.
Prana ensures that those leading retired or semi-retired life can benefit from the boosted immunity and increased flexibility from the combination of structured light movements and steadily increasing vital capacity.


– Ideal exercise program to relearn proper breathing pattern
– Betterment of motor skills and flexibility
– Improves breathing capacity and vital energy
– Helps overall health and immunity
– Enhances body balance and postures


Akam or Agasthyam Kriya for Awakening the Mind is an indispensable mindfulness program for the 21st century busy professional.
AKAM introduces the participants to a highly effective and efficient mindfulness meditation system that can be routinely practised at home and office.
Regular practise of the Agasthyam Kriya delivers tranquility of the mind, sharper focus, balanced outlook, unwavering energy level throughout the day and anxiety-free joyful life.
AKAM is offered both online and as a weekend retreat class.


– Learns to master our emotions
– Revamps mental health and confidence
– Significantly reduces stress and anxiety
– Aids in achieving calmness and peace
– Increases concentration and focus
– Helps to become more energetic and lively


Tejas is Agasthyam’s most sought-after program. It is the gateway to a healthy lifestyle for those worried about a lack of optimal health due to personal and professional situations. Tejas, as the name suggests, brings back the glow in you.  It is the most effective way of burning calories through Kalari. 
Tejas is an intervention which helps you get your life back on track in a matter of weeks. Attain the ideal physique and energetic life that you have always dreamed about. In Tejas, Agasthyam’s dedicated Aashans will work with you on an intensive physical conditioning routine and diet restructuring. The workout has been designed through years of research by Dr. S Mahesh Gurukkal and is customized for each individual Tejas sadhaka. After going through the Tejas program, nearly 100% of the participants move onto our regular Nalludal program to maintain and improve their strength, focus, balance and endurance.
Join now and take control of your health!


An exclusive female self defense program based on Kalaripayattu. These effective and powerful techniques can be practice without worrying about age and physique. 
Workshop available on demand at our city centres,


– Empowers women and makes them daring and brave
– Enhances resilience and confidence
– Improves body postures and reflexes
– Prepares to be more aware and alert
– Develops self reliance and independence


The first form of humanity’s defence and offence were proverbially sticks & stones. As cultures evolved, sticks continued to remain potent weapons in the hands of skilled expert warriors. From this long lineage comes the southern original martial arts form of Silambam.

Now Agasthyam brings you the opportunity to train in this art of fitness, balance, strength, and endurance.

Chisel the Silambam warrior within you!
Classes started on March 1, 2022

Learn south India’s ancient bo-staff martial art. Silambam from Agasthyam


– Improves blood circulation and endurance level
– Refines body postures and proper heart functioning
– Boosts confidence and concentration
– Fosters a calm mind
– Increases coordination and flexibility


A unique and specially developed program exclusively for self defence techniques based on kalaripayattu.
We Conduct Regular Workshops, Contact us for more details.


A program offered to boost your energy and health levels for people of all ages. Regular training provided by expert ashans in both physical and breathing based exercises, according to each person’s requirements along with personalized diet plans. Available both online and offline.


Abhyanga (“oil massage”) is a form of Ayurvedic therapy that involves massage of the entire body from the head to the toe with Dosha-specific warm herb-infused oil. The oil is commonly pre-mixed with herbs for specific conditions. Traditionally, the base oil used is sesame but, Ayurveda Professionals base the oil section on the Dosha type and hence herb oils like Ashwagandha oil, Mahanarayan oil, Bhringaraj oil, Brahmi oil and Neem oil can be used and in some cases to correct Kapha Dosha Almond Oil or corn oil might also be used.
The Abhyanga is a part of the Dinacharya (daily practices) specified by the Brhat Trayi and Laghutrayi series of Ayurvedic textbooks to maintain good health and well-being. Proponents claim Abhyanga aids joint health, nourishes the Dhatus (body tissues) and brings aggravated Doshas back to balance. They further claim it improves the condition of dry, coarse hair and flaky skin.
Abhyanga can be done as part of the steps of Panchakarma therapy, especially in the first stage: Purva Karma (pre-treatment), or as its own therapy.


– Balances vata-kapha-pittha dosha
– Relaxes and tones the muscles and skin
– Regulates flow of energy within the body and improves circulation
– Reduce swelling and eliminates deep-seated toxins in joints and tissues
– Improves sleep pattern and reduces stress
– Activates the mind and reenergizes the body