Online classes for students of all ages around the world with flexible timing


A Unique daily program based on real Kalaripayattu techniques to ejuvenate your body and balance your mind. 
Regular Classes available at the Kalari and offline centres.




Unique Kalari based Health & Fitness program(All Age Group)
A Program to raise up your physical and mental health irrespective of your AGE and GENDER by boosting up your confidence level.
Delivered online with live class around the world and offline centres.


Prana is Agasthyam’s exclusive offering for the senior citizens and those with health conditions that prevent rigorous physical activities.
It is a breathing based energising and rejuvenating routine that can be comfortably practised from home. Expert Aashans will guide and supervise the participants through live online sessions with individual attention.
Prana ensures that those leading retired or semi-retired life can benefit from the boosted immunity and increased flexibility from the combination of structured light movements and steadily increasing vital capacity.


Akam or Agasthyam Kriya for Awakening the Mind is an indispensable mindfulness program for the 21st century busy professional.
AKAM introduces the participants to a highly effective and efficient mindfulness meditation system that can be routinely practised at home and office.
Regular practise of the Agasthyam Kriya delivers tranquility of the mind, sharper focus, balanced outlook, unwavering energy level throughout the day and anxiety-free joyful life.
AKAM is offered both online and as a weekend retreat class.


An exclusive female self defense program based on Kalaripayattu. These effective and powerful techniques can be practice without worrying about age and physique. 
Workshop available on demand at our city centres,


A unique and specially developed program exclusively for self defence techniques based on kalaripayattu.
We Conduct Regular Workshops, Contact us for more details.

Agasthyam is a kalarippayattu based training program that can raise consciousness level to a deeper and elevated perspective in a simple, systematic way.


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