Sidhars – the mystics of South

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Sidhars – the mystics of South

Spirituality is a much-misunderstood word. When we study what spirituality is, we wonder what it achieves? Why does a human being undertake a spiritual journey? What did the ancient sages gain through this path? 

One of the answers is captured by the word: Enlightenment. Enlightenment or Ultimate wisdom or knowledge is considered the ultimate goal of the spiritual process. Not ordinary knowledge, but pure knowledge. Our civilization and human consciousness have progressed through the paths laid by enlightened visionaries like Buddha, Jesus, Prophet Mohammed, Jagadguru Aadi Sankara, Sri Narayana Guru, etc.

In this context, the 18 Sidhars continue to mesmerize us. Starting from the original Sidhar, Agasthyar, all the way to Paambatti and Sattai Muni, the 18 Sidhars shine as a wonder of south India. 

Who are the Sidhars?

Sidhars are the sages, yogis, mystics, and enlightened beings who transcribed the spiritual path. They did wonders in various fields like medicine, alchemy, astronomy, magic, yoga, and other branches of ancient science. 

They tirelessly toiled to distribute their hard-earned wisdom to society. They were native researchers and doctors. They were living universities of knowledge.

The pithy saying, “a sound mind in a sound body” has come down to us from the Sidhars.

Through spiritual books, you are aware of the existence of various Siddha Purusha, and you may have come across some of them.  However, there are multiple opinions about the names of the 18 Sidhars. Lord Shiva is considered the topmost Parama Siddhar in the tradition. 

Cadjan leaves are the medium through which the Sidhars have passed their wisdom to the succeeding generations. These are considered divine and are treasured by several families around the globe.  

Sidhars have also contributed to society through the invention of martial arts like kalarippayattu, silambattam, etc. The wonderful tales of the Sidhhars continue to enthrall us. 

They live among us within the incredible depths of their limitless wisdom.