Kalarippayattu; The combat of art, not war

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Kalarippayattu; The combat of art, not war

Ever imagined the birthplace of Kalaripayattu: the mother of all martial art forms? Kalarippayattu rose from the land of diversities. Yes, the southern Indian state of Kerala.

Kalarippayattu focuses on defensive and attacking mechanisms and deals with the art of healing, yoga, and spiritual routines to develop an individual as a whole. The procedure of this martial art form consists of steps like locating the human body’s pressure points to counter further encounters, therefore, completing the transformation of the human body into a splendid mixture of art, science, and medicine. It is claimed that by understanding these correct pressure points, we can disable our opponents by simply touching these points.

This martial art form has had its wings of influence over southern India for centuries. One can master the mechanism of harm and heal with both sides of the same hand by acclaiming expertise in this martial art form.

Now the question arises,  “Where is the best place to start practicing ?” Today, Kalarippayattu is being taught in over 1000 kalaris. Agasthyam, which is located at Trivandrum, Kerala, and running online classes internationally is the perfect place for people to be the best version of themselves by igniting the spark of their yearning for knowledge.