Why Schools?

Shapes better minds with concentration and discipline
Stays connected with our traditions and cultural values
Increases flexibility and betterment of endurance level
Enhances focus and reflex skills
Boosts immunity and improves mental health
Develops confidence and mold the athletes in them


AMRITA Kairali Vidya Bhavan CBSE School, Nedumangad

Group of 50 students of the school are currently practicing Nithyam under the guidance of our Ashans. Classes are being held weekly twice with one and half hour sessions on each day. Courses are designed for shaping their physical and mental health including exercises focused on breathing, unique warm up and warm down techniques. We have also initiated Shakthi for students of Amrita Vidyalaya through sessions led by Gurukkal Dr. S. Mahesh.

Santhigiri Vidyabhavan Senior Secondary School

Agasthyam conducted self defense sessions led by Gurukkal at Santhigiri school. We are currently offering regular Nithyam sessions for 50+ students in the school, handled by our experts for two days in a week. Each session of one and half to two hours focuses on increasing the flexibility and concentration of students.

Students of Saraswathi Vidyalaya had workshops on self defense techniques steered by Gurukkal. Presently, two hours classes are being held twice a week as two batches for the students from KG to LP level with around 25 students per batch. Students show great interest and potential to learn kalaripayattu even at this younger age.

Victory Vocational Higher Secondary School, Nemom

Shakthi led by Gurukkal, was the first program initiated at Nemom school for female students after which other students also communicated their interest in learning with us. Rigorous kalaripayattu training is now provided for both male and female students along with self defense techniques. We offer one and half hour sessions on once a week for around 50 students.

Agasthyam is a kalaripayattu based training program that can raise consciousness level to a deeper and elevated perspective in a simple, systematic way.



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