Agasthyam is a kalarippayattu based spiritual training program which has the ability to shift conscious level of normal humans or ordinary people to a deeper and elevated level of perspective in a simple way. In short ,the 'Agasthyam' program allows ,those who practice the program , to understand in a much broader way what is happening around them.
AGASTHYAM keeps more energised and eliminates laziness for those who think they are not fit for new achievements and physical flexibility. This program not only promotes the awareness of the body, but to gain control over the mind, also promotes the presence of mind other than body flexibility and improved concentration.

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Complete education is one that identifies and nurtures the skills that are inherent in the individual and enables them to be successful in life.

The success of life requires the development of the left and right parts of the brain simultaneously. The right part of the brain contains the creativity and the left part contains the control.

Creativity and control for a human being is like an accelerator and brakes on a vehicle. A vehicle without an Accelerator will move at a slower speed. A vehicle without a brake is sure to be in danger at the next curve.

Imagination, control or  discipline, which are very essential for success in life, should be practiced from childhood itself.

Nowadays, children grow up with great freedom. They are therefore imaginative and creative in their own way. But the challenge we face is the development of the left side of the brain. Younger people who die in vehicles as they ignore the traffic signal and fail to comply with the rules are the eyewitnesses to the left side of the brain. Things will be late when parents realizes the drawback of their over pouring   love to the kids  of the nuclear family .

One of the best solutions to this problem is our unique martial art Kalaripayattu. It involves not just  mere physical abilities. As well as the sun’s heat and warmth, the PQ physical quotient has many qualities including social quotient and emotional quotient.

It is my  personal experience from my son’s two and a half years of continuous training in Dhanwanthari Kalari that only develops discipline, confidence, attention, humility, self-respect, respect for others, passion, success attitude and positive energy to my kid  is a clear reality.

Therefore, Kalari training, which is a complete education program, is not a Sunday thing or a vacation program for me. It is a daily part of my life. Moreover it is a culture.

I wanted the Dhanwantari Kalari’s training style to be one that would not hurt my son’s ‘self’ by implanting discipline by love,not by force. Fortunately, it was. He has absolute freedom to shake his head in disbelief  that certain types of exercise were impossible. That is the specialty of Dhanwantari Kalari. The opportunity to practice self-discipline without hurting the self. Regulation can be achieved without compromising freedom.

*At dhanvanthari kalari you can develop your child’s  left brain without hurting his/her right one.*

Ajaykumar Vasudevan

Kalaripayattu is Kerala’s own traditional martial art. I always feel that Malayali shows not as much interest in the kalarippayattu as in the martial arts traditions of other countries like Karate and Kung Fu. But Dhanwantari Kalari’s new concept ‘AGASTHYM’ is to turn Kalaripayattu into a daily life health project or a routine life style project. Due to the rapid onslaught of lifestyle diseases, we are now a little cautious when it comes to general fitness. We have become more accustomed to gym and walking. All these things focus on the body, beyond the mere “fighting fitness’, ‘AGASTHYAM’ enable us to realize a physical, mental and spiritual self.This can lead to one’s personality development and life discipline.

The fire in us, which we don’t even realize, makes us to serve as a bright light for society. With long experience, knowledge and research, the eminent personality Dr. S. Mahesh, himself has designed “Agastyam”‘.

Kishore Satya

     I’m Madhurima  from Thiruvananthapuram. The main reason I study Kalaripayattu is that I am a regular student of  Nangyarkut . I didn’t get the flexibility I wanted when it came to physical fitness. It may seemed to have  relatively low  in terms of flexibility and strength. Then my teacher says that Kalari will improve it. I decided to study when I realized that  physical exercises  of kalari would be very beneficial for me.  Then it is in the quest for good  kalaris  that we came to know about Dhanwantari Kalari. Getting there, and after a  meeting with  Dr Mahesh Gurukkal, I realized that my problems would be solved.
I have been practicing Kalarippayattu through Agasthyam program for about 4 months now. Even in this  short term, things have changed very beneficial for me. There is a lot of confidence now. Now I can do  many things with ease those  In the past I  felt I could not do. Not only that, it is  the kalari  that made me to go through  a new vision mentally. Kalari training has convinced me that I can do many things without stress. Other than that, I like the kalarippayattu  a lot as a martial art. I would like to continue my study for a long time.  I am much Inspired by Mahesh Sir and other teachers of Agastyam for that. Their patience and discipline, and the manner in which even the smallest  things are explained with  so subtle and keen way have given great courage to study further and more to go.

Madhurima M  (Balashree winner)

I am Gaurav Mehta. Being a theater artist in Himachal Pradesh, I wish  to study Kerala Kalaripayattu. It is  through a   senior  in the theater who has a kerala connection , i came to know about Dr S Mahesh Gurukkal. .After a telephonic conversation with him, i had come down  to Thiruvananthapuram and   met him directly.

It is from Mahesh Sir that I learned  about Agastyam and its ultimate purpose.  I have the same  energy which I had  acquired while  entering  the kalari  the very first day  is still alive in me. Each and every  step of the kalari  training  drastically changed  my outlook and vision towards  life in many ways. I am very confident today. It is  this kalari that gave me a lot of strength and physical fitness. It is possible to focus and concentrate more on life than ever before. Since Kalaripayattu gives the body a full exercise regimen, it can maintain fitness also.

I am also very  happy and very  proud to be a  part of great  Agastyam program. I am thanking  Mahesh Sir for that immense experience.

Gaurav Mehta 


I Anastasia Novumova.  I travel to many parts of the world eventhough i live in Manchester, second in the UK in terms of population. The main reason is the intense love towards the  travel and the arts.  It is a  quite unexpected,but much awaited travel to Kerala ,One of the most sought after destinations in the world by  its scenic beauty and pleasant climate. Though studied and mastered  many martial arts, studying Kerala’s Kalaripayattu was a dream come true. As Kalaripayattu is also known as the mother of martial arts,. So I decided to give it a try. Though many inquiries were received  about  so many kalaries Dhanvantari Kalari at Nemom  in Thiruvananthapuram was still minded. So I came to Dhanwantari Kalari for studying and understanding  this  ancient martial art. There, I entered the Kalari and started the lessons after seeking the blessings of Dr Mahesh Gurukkal. Here Kalaripayattu is taught in the philosophy  and vision of a unique program named Agasthyam.
In fact, I felt very blessed through out the class  right from their reception. Even the smallest students responded that I did not feel like an outsider. They have even matured.  I still haven’t changed the wonder and excitement of some of the exercises they showed me  on my very  first day. I convey my  special thanks  to Agasthyam team and Mahesh Gurukkal for preparing and making  me to  understand the spirit and soul of Kalaripayattu. ” Because the training they gave me was much enough to alleviate all my pain and suffering.Agasthyam made me aware of the limitless possibilities inherent in a human being. I was impressed by the level of kalari practicing field there. Getting myself to that level was a little bit difficult. But the unadulterated and innocent love and encouragement of my classmates and aspirants and teachers  kept me going.  What  I will never forget  are the days of kalari training in Agasthyam.

Anastasia Naumova



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